Monday, February 11, 2008

Chit Chat

I'm still helping out around my parents' home. Mom is doing a ton better and I should be able to head home this week, in between snow systems. It's been one crazy winter back home with lots of snow. Here, not so much and I've been enjoying the it!

How many watched the Grammy's last night? I did and must say, as much as I like some of Amy Winehouse's songs and her style, I was disappointed that she won so much for the song Rehab. And when she made her acceptance speech, did not make any statement about the benefits of rehab for drug and alcohol dependency. Maybe it's my perspective, being older and having family members that have benefited from rehab and some that need it desperately.

I am sorry for my lack of posting and not visiting your blogs. I'll remedy that as soon as I possibly can. Have a beautiful week.


Anonymous said...

We only watched a few minutes of the Grammy's, so I didn't see anything about her.

You just take care!

Anonymous said...

I am glad your mom is doing better. I bet it will be nice to be back home again, and be a relief to know your mom is better.

I say a tiny bit of the Grammy's, and that was Amy Winehouse. She looked a bit out of it. She can sing, but she still doesn't seem very stable, as far as recovery.

Nice to see you back in the blogging world.

Beth said...

so glad that your mom is doing better!! woot!

lots of snow here today..we should end up with 8-10 inches. Now I LOVE 8-10 inches, but not in snow!! ;)

I thought the Grammy's sucked...and my husband was OUTRAGED that she won for Rehab....he's writing a letter to whoever does the voting and giving them his 2 cents!

Photobonnie said...

thanks guys. Snowing here with a few inches. Beth, I hear you on that!

I remember waiting impatiently for the Amy Winehouse CD to be released and the utter disappointment in that one song such that I could not support her habit by purchasing the disc. Nor do I support the message in that song. Bravo to Natalie Cole for speaking her mind. And bravo to your husband, Beth, for writing that letter. I hope somebody pays attention.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you. Bought my 16 year old a camera for Valentine's Day today. I hope it helps her with her depression, I think it will.
Hope things are better with your mom.
Happy Valentine's Day, my friend.