Thursday, January 31, 2008


Did you all watch LOST tonight? Even when they give us glimpses into the future, it leaves more questions. I am so happy to have LOST back. I hope they have a bunch of episodes.

And speaking of LOST, I'm not lost just have limited computer time as I've been away from home taking are of some family stuff. Mom had two stents on Monday and is home recovering nicely.

Stay warm.... winter storm warning. It's winter, eh?


Anonymous said...

I heard that Lost has 10 new episodes, and they were hoping it would work out in time with the writers strike ending. Keeping fingers crossed.

Hope you mom continues to recover nicely. Make sure you take some time for you! Nice to see a post from you!

Anonymous said...

Good to see your post and that your mom is recovering nicely.

Beth said...

yay! You're not lost! I was wonderin...

I gave up on Lost a long time ago...after the polar bear and the black smoke thing...they Lost me.

Cindi said...

hey b - good to see you! or at least "hear" you. :) of course we saw LOST! (actually recorded it as we were across the street for cocktails as it was airing.) loved it. my son - who is the #1 LOST addict - said they had 8 episodes in the can; now we're down to 7. and he's going to be royally p*ssed if the writers don't get their act together by the airing of the 7th!
stay warm - hope all is well.