Tuesday, February 26, 2008



Yep, I have the soundtrack. It is quirky goodness. And once that song plays, it stays in my little brain all day.


A second photo today and a gorgeous, little book written by a dear friend, cindi miller herleman of Scenes From A Charmed Life. The book may be small but it is big on beauty and inspiration in both her gorgeous floral photography and her poetic writings. The book (ethereal grace) is available through her website or Blurb.

On another note, Starbucks is closing its doors this evening (5:30pm-9:00pm) for barista retraining. May it bring about a positive change for those of us who remember Starbucks before it was a huge chain.

*Now Playing: Anyone Else But You by The Moldy Peaches - Juno


Eileen said...

I went our and bought the Juno CD yesterday. I could not get the music out of my head, so I bought the CD. I really like it, and I have no idea why. It is so unlike anything I usually listen to. It just makes me smile. Glad you like it too.

I heard all Starbucks across the US were closing for 3 hours today, for employee training. All at the same time. Should be interesting....

I am currently in the middle of a huge snow storm. Praying for that snow day in the am.

Take Care.

Cindi said...

thanks so much, b. i may have to hire you as my publicist... :) you are so dear to my heart. thank you a million times over.

Photobonnie said...

Eileen, I hope you get that snow day!! Around here, as I have a senior, she's hoping for no more snow days. If even one more, they'd have to go back the day after graduation!!

cindi, it's my pleasure. Your book is beautiful (you can send me that check anytime - just kidding). :)

Bina said...

I LOVED the movie Juno. And of course, I cried. Now I'm going to go find that song you mentioned, and I may even buy the CD!

Beth said...

Starbucks is closing?!!! What will BritBrit do??!!! Can you belive I have never....never EVER...had something to drink at starbucks? I HAVE gone in there to get a gift card for my oldest boy, and it smells heavenly, but I've never gotten anything in there! I'm just not a coffee person...tea?

Photobonnie said...

Bina, it is quite a different CD and the song... unique.

beth, that was last evening!! I surely hope she survived those few hours perhaps by ordering extra lattes. Tea, they have that, too. ;)