Wednesday, January 23, 2008



Barely a tree remains unaffected by the December Ice Storm that struck Oklahoma. It was truly devastating to see the damage in person. This tree stands on the University of Oklahoma campus.

For the plane, the book I chose was Ann Brashares, The Last Summer (of  You and Me). I've read the entire Traveling Pants series and have been looking forward to this book. Without giving much away, I want to bring up a passage near the end dealing with grief.

"It was hard to feel the right emotions at the right time. They didn't come at all when you set a place for them, and they sacked you when you weren't ready, when you were just innocently flossing your teeth, for example, or eating a bowl of cereal." - Alice

The passage had me thinking of you as you navigate new waters. Remember, to feel what you are feeling but to move on to the next emotion. They will come and go and at moments you least expect.

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Anonymous said...

I was just having this conversation today with a person about grief. I love this quote, it sums up exactly what I was trying to say to her!!! So very, very true.