Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Life's Journey


We all walk a path that is unique to us. Where that path leads is an unknown. Our paths will intersect with many people. Some will become lifelong friends. Some we will only touch briefly. Some of our paths will end abruptly and some will linger.

I have been struggling with finding a voice to express my deepest sympathy to a dear friend who tragically lost her daughter. A daughter who herself was a mother and wife. Death, something when we are young think only happens to the old. It's a vague concept and will never touch us. As we age, the concept begins to take shape but we still have a vision of how life's path will end. As a parent, we expect to live a long life and to be the first to go. It's the order, the way.

But that path can never be predicted. We have some control over our day. We can choose to be happy, choose to love, so many choices to make but the path always is a mystery. The mystery of faith will carry those left behind. Those that are left with more questions than answers. Often guilt that it wasn't us. Faith carries us so often during our darkest moments but how can Faith carry us now? Faith will carry you through your darkest hour. And the loss of a child is always a parents' darkest hour. Walk hand in hand with Faith but when even Faith seems like a stranger, take a friend's hand. Know that you are never alone. Even when that friend doesn't know what to say in the face of your unimaginable grief, know that you are not alone.


Life holds no guarantees. We never know when our path will end and the sun will set one last time. "Life is a gift."  My heart and prayers are with you Shirley, Don and your family. Your daughter now moves among the Angels.

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Eileen said...

So beautiful...so well said. The photos seem to fit perfectly, the beauty and truth of your words.

I am sorry for your friend's loss. It is very sad when someone dies so young. Life's journey often makes no sense, but with faith and friends, it is nice to know we don't walk alone.

Take care and thank you for your supportive comments. It means a great deal.

Shirley said...

Thank you for these beautiful words

t.bird said...

I think you expressed yourself perfectly.

{{Hugs}} to the grieving family and to you.

Bina said...

wow. That was a beautiful post. I don't know what else to day.