Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday Monday


Should have stayed in bed. Yep, should have stayed in bed. Headache still lingers. A trip to the brand, new SUPER Wal-Mart and a quick stop at the Fen with my Polaroid. I tore the film strip and lost the remaining images in that film pack. Loss of four. I have one print to share. It was gorgeous this evening but I'll only have that one print. Yep, it's a Monday. Husband is working late, it's dark way too early (stoopid time change). But at least I put dinner in the crock-pot this morning. I sure wouldn't feel like cooking now.

The above Polaroid was taken just moments after the one below. Of course, I had to correct that error. While I love the detail and color of the Fuji film, maybe it's quality is not that of the Polaroid. I've had a bit more trouble with it. One more roll to play with along with some b&w. Not sure which I'll use next.

Hope you all had a better Monday.

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Cindi said...

aw, what a day. but if you look at the good stuff you accomplished a lot! and this is really a lovely pic.
hope the head is better and the crockpot dinner was yummy.