Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Fen


A cold wind was whipping the prairie grasses and making my fingers a bit stiff. Perhaps that is the reason why I messed up the next image, tearing the film strip and making it impossible for me to pull the film through the rollers. *sigh* The original is so much clearer and sharper. I wish I could scan better. And I wish that I wasn't so hard on myself at times. Not like I screwed the pack of film up on purpose but when it happens, that's not what I think and not what I say. Some day..... and I did get this fabulous photo.

Have a beautiful day. Think maybe I'll make a latte and see if I can't change the course of my day.


Trish said...

Having a latte is often the first step in making your day better.

lovely late fall picture :)

Photobonnie said...

Don't you know it. A latte and new music. :)

Thanks trish.

Beth said...

I need to change the course of my day too....wanna get together? ;)

Beautiful picture

Shirley said...

You are definitely too hard on yourself! I love it! Yes, latte and new music--that should do it!

Photobonnie said...

Sure thing, Beth!!
thanks shirley. Thing is, the new music is supposed to wait until Christmas but I don't know if I can hold out that many weeks.