Thursday, November 08, 2007

Faux Northern Lights


When I first saw this transfer, I thought of the Northern Lights. So a few hours of Photoshop (not really) and this is my take one version. Last December I was privileged to see and even get one photo of the Northern Lights. It will always be one of the most breathtaking visual events of my life, even here with all the light pollution.

If I were more talented, I would have created this look by hand coloring or painting but instead turned to Photoshop. I may try on my original but once I do that there is no turning back. With Photoshop, my original stays intact and I can revisit it as often as I wish. I do hand color many of my transfers but usually only the images that I feel have gone horribly wrong.

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Anonymous said...

oooooh! I like this one!