Wednesday, November 28, 2007



the iDog really loves Bono (U2). :) Some of you will remember my iDog from a couple of Christmases ago. Yes, I still enjoy her dancing antics. This year, I really want the talking McCawparrot Parrot found at such great retailers as Target and Costco. It has many phrases but you can "teach" it your own phrases. Perhaps I can finally hear what I want to hear first thing in the morning? ;) I'm putting this out here on the Internet in hopes that my Karma will bring this bird my way. I have always wanted a bird but alas, I am allergic to feathers, plus the husband continually says no. I am hoping that a stuffed one will find its way under my tree this year.

Speaking of Christmas, I do believe today is the day I will bring up all the boxes and the tree. Maybe it'll even snow, it certainly looks like snow.

And on U2, has anybody picked up the digitally remastered release of the Joshua Tree? I see it includes an extra disc with more songs. Not sure if that will go on my list but perhaps a couple of the songs might make it to my iPod.

*Now Playing: In God's Country by U2 - Joshua Tree


Trish said...

Oh I do love some U2 on the stereo (or iPod) haven't heard the re-mastered stuff though.

I love parrots too, they are such funny little birds. Well some of them aren't all that little, but it looks like that one you have picked out there will be easy to care for.

Shirley said...

The perfect that doesn't poop! :)

Eileen said...

We have 2 idogs here, I wish they would dance to U2!! One dances to showtunes, the other to hip hop (mild form only allowed. My daughters have very different tastes. I do have U2 on my iPod, big smile!
I love the parrot! I have not seen one yet, but I am going to check it out. So funny!

Photobonnie said...

I was listening to my old CD and maybe I might like the remastered version...

Thanks trish, shirley and eileen.

eileen, mine listens to the kind of music Ilike because it's mine... all mine!! :) I'm such a kid sometimes and I don't think I stand a snowball's chance in getting this parrot....