Tuesday, October 09, 2007



Hiking up a Camelback Kame. Kames are glacial hills or mounds made up of mostly gravel and sand making them a vanishing geological feature. The gravel is often mined an in Illinois, they are considered endangered.

On another note, as I'm reading the untethered soul, I've come upon a chapter on the heart and living with an open heart as opposed to a closed heart. It seems that love and happiness come back to keeping the heart open and that, my friends, is something I struggle with. How to open and keep open a portal that has been closed for as long as you can remember? For whatever reasons, at first to protect but now, perhaps out of habit and those feelings of not being worthy of better.

That's where my mind is right now. Think I'll grab a coffee, later lace up some Chucks and walk the WonderDog. It finally feels like autumn.


Shirley said...

We're going to see autumn weather this week. The weather person this morning even went as far as saying that we have seen the last of the 90's this year. Love that crisp autumn air!!!

Cindi said...

first - glad you're having some fall weather finally.
second - hmmm... that whole open heart thing... sometimes i just don't see how it's possible. and when it isn't i choose to focus on the parts of my life and people in my life who deserve to be loved... i could be wrong, but it's kinda' how i look at it.

Beth said...

an open heart...that's a hard one. I think that you are even aware of a closed heart is half the battle....