Sunday, October 07, 2007



Did I mention that we got up very early on a Saturday morning to do this hike/walk as part of M's science class? Did I mention that it was very hot and steamy? The tour guide made it well worth getting up. He was informative and enthusiastic. Yep, that's what he was. Having a small group (5 including me and M) and a guide to point out geologic landmarks made this hike/walk much more enjoyable given the heat. At least we knew what we were looking at and if it was considered native or intrusive along with stories along the way.

Glacial Park looking toward Oak Savannahs on our way to another Kettle.

*Now Playing: Have You Ever by Brandi Carlile - The Story

*Lyrics:  Have you ever wandered lonely through the wood?
And everything it feels just as it should
you're part of the life there, part of something good
if you've ever wandered lonely through the woods
if you've ever wandered through the woods.

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