Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Snake Plant


The ribs still hurt. A change in medication in hopes that I'll actually take it and we shall see.

This is my Snake Plant and I've had this plant since 1995. This is the first time it has ever bloomed. I didn't even realize that these plants were flowering plants. Apparently, they need to be well established and their root system a bit crowded. Who knew....



Shirley said...

Around here we call them mother-in-law's tongue plant. :) Beautiful plant. I didn't know they bloomed either.

Photobonnie said...

They are also known at mother-in-law's tongue. I was shocked to see all these flower shoots in the plant. My other one shows no sign of blooming. Thanks Shirley.

Beth said...

I know it as mother-in-law's tongue too. I had one for a long time because they are virtually indestructable....just the kind of plant I need! I didn't know they bloomed

oh, I did find out that if you leave them on your porch during the winter, they WILL eventually die. Who knew?

Cindi said...

i knew they bloomed, but mine never has. get this - in 1973 a guy i was dating gave me a terarrium (sp)- one of the plants in the big glass bottle was a snake plant. it has traveled with me thru two countries and four states. this last move took it's toll and i had to discard much of it. i did, however preserve a small portion, rooted it and potted it in a bright red pot in our new home. it is 34 years old; three years older than my son.
your photos of yours are beautiful!!!