Tuesday, October 23, 2007



Part of coming to terms with the inner me is to become comfortable with the outer me. And to do that, I'm taking more photos of me. I'm not comfortable with photos of me, never have been. I'm beginning to realize, though, that I am not my body.

Alternate title: Channeling My Inner Toby Keith


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling! Oddly, the wrinkles don't bother me, but the age spots on my face and the layer of fat and my thinning hair do! I work hard to avoid the camera! I'm enjoying seeing the outer you. You bring a warm smile to my face.

Marie said...

Ummm...there ain't a damn thing wrong with your photography or your outer skin. I'm delighted you had the courage to post your photo. It is awesome to put a face with the photography.
Just an anecdote here: I shoot for a woman's magazine and there has only been two sessions out of 159 ( yes, I'm counting) where I haven't had to listen to the women comment about how they hate themselves in photos. My response is "We just need to be comfortable in our own skin. It is who we are."
Way to go, Bonnie! You earned brownie points from me tonight, as if that is worth much :)

Photobonnie said...

Thanks Shirley and Marie.

I am a work in progress... and marie, you're too kind. Most of the time, especially if I smile in a self portrait, I just look goofy and not like how I think I look.

fletch said...

Interesting subject. My mind races around thinking of what I would have to change about myself to post what I believe would be a decent pic of my self. Lose weight, develop a genuine looking warm smile (which really can't be genuine then I suppose), etc. Don't expect to see one soon. I'm not comfortable with even the thought of a self-portrait. I think I need some work in this area also. You, by the way, have nothing to be uncomfortable about.

Cindi said...

accepting ourselves just as we are is not an easy task.
i'm struggling with that now.
but i do love seeing you. you, my friend whom i have known for 2 years finally has a face...

Photobonnie said...

fletch, I've been there, saying those exact same things but in the meantime, life is marching on. BTW, I look really goofy when I smile in a photo, no not goofy, just awful.

cindi, I am a work in progress.

Thanks all, for your encouragement.