Saturday, October 13, 2007

Leafy River

River Leaf

After waking up late and looking at the forecast the rest of the weekend, it was decided that we should try to find some fall color today. We left late, missed our exit and ended up driving through part of Rockford (Illinois). But heck that was okay as we also needed a Walgreens stop. Out our way, Walgreens can be found on just about every corner. Not so  in Rockford. We did find one, just before reconnecting with the highway! Good thing I can read a map.

We made it to Apple River Canyon State Park to find drizzle and a real lack of color. My favorite tree was bare-naked and the leaves beneath it were crumbly brown. No field of yellow, nor canyon walls ablaze so I decided to focus on the river. You may find me posting more leafy river photos.

Ewww... just heard a news story about somebody finding a pair of feet while out walking somewhere. Now that's something I could have done without hearing before bed.


Shirley said...

I heard that on the news as well. Out looking for clay for a project, I think. Yikes! They need a safer hobby :) Love this shot. The beautiful flow of the water.

Cindi said...

but you did capture a beautiful image - sans feet. (sorry)
we have been blessed with two colorful autumns in a row. next year - your turn.