Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kettle Marsh

Glacial Park

Glacial Park, Ringwood, Illinois. I went back to Glacial Park yesterday on a cold and drizzly day. This particular photo is 3 images stitched together. I've linked to the larger image so you can see some of the detail.*

What has me thinking today? There was a horrible accident yesterday. It closed the stretch of roadway for over 3 hours and happened not long before I came upon that stretch of road. A driver crossed the lines causing a head-on collision. One dead and two injured. Now, if M hadn't requested Caribou Coffee before the park, that could very well have been us. Life is so fragile and so full of coincidences that we often miss. The Five People We Meet in Heaven always comes to mind after such a moment. As the road was closed, I was not a witness to this accident nor did I see the results but that doesn't make it any more real to me.

As I'm working my way through the untethered soul, I'm doing my best to become aware of when the heart wants to close by listening to the chatter in my head. It's not easy, allowing those moments and feeling those moments but the only way to get them out of the heart (and mind), is to feel, let go and heal. Moments like yesterday make me realize just how fragile life is and how quickly it can end. Do I really want to live with old pains in my heart? Old pains stopping me from truly enjoying life as it is? Would you?

*Link has been fixed.

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Anonymous said...

I can understand how you're feeling right now, especially after having experienced a similar event a couple of weeks ago. How often this has happened to well as to so many others. Had it not been for.....I would have..... Fill in the blanks. Life is indeed fragile and a gift to be lived and enjoyed. I remember when I had cancer in 1999, thinking 'I don't have time for the petty cr*p anymore'. Life has a way of waking us up to it. It did me.