Friday, September 14, 2007

Pinhole Fun


meganmusic-1copy 2


High school project taken using a homemade pinhole camera (a box) with the negative image made onto photographic paper which is processed as a negative in the dark room. I scanned the image and created a positive. In class, she will eventually be placing the negative image into an enlarger to create the positive.

My plans are to buy a red light, a couple of trays and a couple of black, light safe bags along with the paper and chemicals to develop the negative at home. From there, scan into the computer and finish the processing. I'd love to learn to develop my own film and with M's help, I think it's possible. It's just in the planning stages and who knows if it's something I'll ever do.

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Shirley said...

We developed a print in the basic photography class I took back in 1996. Something magical about watching the image come to life right before your eyes! Don and I used to want to develop our own shots, but we got lazy :)