Friday, September 28, 2007

Motherly Love

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"Every mother has the assurance that her baby will love her. But a baby has no assurance at all of love being returned." ~Elizabeth Berg, The Art of Mending. I was just going through my old journals and came upon that quote.

I've discovered MySpace. Yes, I know it's been around for many years but I've discovered it for music. So many artists have MySpace pages and you can listen to a sampling of their music. Listening to, Cary Brothers on MySpace. ITunes has them listed as folk and no way would I call them folk. They will most like become my next musical purchase. I heard them on The Late, Late Show (CBS) last night.

The above image is a scanned from a print. It could be better but I was playing. I'm off to make some coffee to feed my sleep deprived body and twitching eye. Have a beautiful weekend.


Shirley said...

I keep coming back here to comment on this pic and get side-tracked before I do!!! Interesting insight into your journals, and I love the gentle, soft feel of this shot.

Cindi said...

o gez, did M make that? it is absolutely adorable. so sweet - and i love that quote.
old journals... hmmm... i have mixed feelings about those. i know one can gain insights from them; but i find that i've just shredded many of mine. most were ramblings written in anger and depression - places i don't want to revisit. but in my life it seems that is when i write the most. which is why blogging is nice because i'm sometimes happy while blogging :)
and you make me smile. most people drink coffee to stay awake; you drink it to go to sleep. crazy kid you. have a great weekend. :)

Photobonnie said...

Thanks Shirley.

Cindi, thanks. Yep, M made that several years ago, sort of self-sculpture. ;) Some of my entries are dark and negative, others not so much. Sometimes, when I'm really disciplined, I'll literally write about the day. I'm not so disciplined right now.