Monday, September 24, 2007

For the Soul

Noodle Soup

What to do when the day feels more like summer but your soul is crying for autumn? I opened up a can of soup on this incredibly hot, first, full day of fall. Of course, I also pointed Lensbaby at it. And lookie, 0 Points!! Best thing about this soup, no meat. None of that stuff that is supposed to be chicken but often resembles something altogether different. It's always a joy for me to find my favorite soups sans meat. :)

Of course, I'm listening to summer music. Hot, hot, hot.

*Now Playing: Nothin' Like the Summer by Carmen Rasmusen - Nothin' Like the Summer


Shirley said...

Wonderful shot of everyday life. I love Progresso soup. I agree...I love that I can find soup without the 'mystery' meat. I love the tomato basil. Don loves the sausage gumbo, but we can never find it. And didn't they once have a potato soup, or did I imagine that? Unfortunately, the tomato basil has wheat, and I'm exploring a gluten-free diet.

Cindi said...

now i should be making soup today. its in the mid 50's here ~ made for a crisp walk and great overcast skies for shooting. i even took a nap today! something i never, ever do. this image looks so inviting... think i'll dive right in! :)

Photobonnie said...

Thanks shirley and cindi. Progresso soup is quickly becoming a favorite. I do remember a potato soup from them. Soon, it'll be crock pot soup season. :)