Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Eudora and Stuff


I'm trying out Eudora as an email application and thus far, I think I like it. Thunderbird, on my notebook computer, won't start after attempting an update to the latest version. I've done all the steps you're supposed to do to regain control (it worked once on this machine) and nothing. The only reason I was updating was to run foxytunes on it and with that being Eudora's only drawback, I guess that point becomes moot.

Now for the stuff. It's a new TV season!! The summer series are ending and new fall shows starting. I miss Army Wives (Lifetime) and Saving Grace (TNT). Although, Saving Grace is replaying.

Last night I watched the NBC line-up starting with Chuck. Chuck takes an ordinary computer geek (such as you might find working at your local, major, type retailer) and filling his brain with government secrets. I'm undecided on this show.

I followed that with Heroes and it starts at about four months after the end of last season. Nothing really ground breaking, just Heroes with new characters introduced.

Finally, Journeyman. This show held my interest, perhaps because time travel is so interesting. I enjoyed The Time Traveler's Wife. What is different about this show, his trips back in time seem to be to change history, protecting the future in some way. That goes against popular time traveling beliefs, such as they are.

Tonight, it's Boston Legal time and Damages (FX). Damages is a late summer entry and should be winding down soon.

Speaking of music, this week it's Rascal Flatts (not for me) and Foo Fighters (not for me). That's not to say I won't listen to them just neither are on my list.

*Now Playing: Stop the Bus by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - This Is Somewhere (Bonus Track Version)


Shirley said...

I keep forgetting about all the new programming :( It's slipping up on me this year.

Cindi said...

you totally lost me on all the tech talk, but happy you're happy. you're always on the cutting edge. :)
TV. didn't see any of it. i had "dancing with the stars" on in the background monday as i worked. i like to glance at it now and then because i've got the soul of a dancer and never persued it. i can't even remember the last time i danced...
and dammit! missed boston legal and forgot to even record it. we were out. definitely have to remember to put that in the recording queue!!!