Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Everyday America

This morning, I turned the TV on at about the same time as I did six years ago. The timing didn't strike me as odd until I remembered that today is September 11. Good Morning America was once again the program of choice. The difference this morning.... Sugarland was singing Everyday America. While big moments can shift our perspective, causing a defining moment. It's in the everyday that life is lived. Those everyday events that shape a generation lived. How we interact with each other on a daily basis. The general kindness we pass along. Too often we lose ourselves in anger. Anger at a mother who can't control her child, a driver that's in our way__________ fill in the blank. Instead, it's our own disillusion that clouds our actions, a lack of connection with a spiritual self and a lack of connection to those around us. A reminder that each of us craves the same thing in life. Each of us is just trying to do the very best that we know.

In this day and age of always connected Internet, I see a generation of disconnect. A disconnect with the human condition until a defining event happens. And even then, I've seen blame placed on the victims of the event. Today, as you go about your everyday life, take a moment to notice the person next to you. Make eye contact and smile.

"We can laugh, we can cry
We're all just looking for the reasons why
We face the dark 'till we see the light
Either way it'll be alright" **A portion of Sugarland's Everyday America.


Anonymous said...

I didn't read this until just now, but earlier I stopped at a store to pick up some cleaning supplies, and a woman got out of her car to go into the store as I was putting my stuff in my car. Normally, I ignore people around me, except for that cautious eye. We looked at one another and smiled and actually spoke!

Photobonnie said...

Good for you, Shirley. It's amazing how society has changed. Maybe it's just a big city thing.... this no eye-contact or greeting those around us.