Saturday, September 08, 2007

Buzz, Snort, Sniffle

So, last night, just as I turn the light off, what to my amazing ears do I hear? A mosquito!! Buzzz..... I swatted at it a few times, flung things at the ceiling and it vanished. Err, maybe it was a fever induced mosquito? I'm suffering a cold/sinus thing that sent the husband scurrying to the couch less he catch it. I spent the night unable to sleep. I even did the Neti Pot and the salt water actually had trouble vacating on one side. It helped but only briefly.

I'm groggy and irritable. My nose hurts, my head hurts and my throat is all scratchy. Aren't you glad you stopped in this fine morning? I'm sure the above makes little sense. On the best of days, my brain functions in a scattered fashion. Throw in a cold/sinus problem, mosquitoes and lack of sleep and it's sure to be rather chaotic. Maybe some coffee will help. ;)


Anonymous said...

Poor baby! So sorry! Bad enough the crud...a mosquito as well!!! I hate when they start buzzing around your ear! They always do that...right by the ear! They must learn it in a school of some sort.

Photobonnie said...

Sniffle..... sneeze, sneeze....another sneeze (not so lady-like either). It must be a girl thing, all that "talking" in your ear. That's what I'm sure Mike would say!! He said, since I was awake anyway, he sent the mosquito up to me. Sweet, huh?! I think I sent it scurrying away in fear and that's when it found him.... snoring.