Wednesday, August 29, 2007

St. Cloud State University

I had to walk around the campus at night and even with the lack of people, it didn't feel spooky or scary. The building is where the student union/activity hall is located. The foreground is a sculpture made of granite. Granite could define the county. There's one thing that disappointed me about our trip to Minnesota. The accent. I didn't hear the accent. I so wanted to hear the Minnesota nice accent. I might have to rent/buy Bobby's World just to hear the accent. That or watch Fargo.

Another school year has started. The first year since Kindergarten that I've not had to take her to school. At least, since she's the one with the car, the gang comes here for lunch sometimes. And by gang, I mean 3 including M. Nothing like last years fiasco with the lunches.

I'm babbling about nothing much. The flood waters are receding and last I read, the flood warning for the Fox River is to be lifted tonight. We did have a few raindrops but nothing to cause concern.


Anonymous said...

We had a good bit of lightning and about 2 or 3 minutes of rain :( I can only hope it isn't over. We thought winter had come--our car said the temperature was 76 degrees!

Photobonnie said...

Winter.... 76 degrees!! Winter will be here too soon and I'm afraid that mine won't be quite so balmy!!