Thursday, August 30, 2007

On the Road

It seems that several of the bridges I drove over on I90/I94 in Wisconsin are considered deficient. Gives one pause for thought. Want to know if any of the bridges you drive are considered structurally deficient? See this USA Today Map.

My mind is full but the thoughts are not flowing to the fingertips. This blog, of late, has been kind of low-impact with no deep thoughts to share. Go out, enjoy life and the moment. One never knows what the next moment will bring, especially while traveling on life's highways and crossing those bridges.

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Anonymous said...

Amen to enjoying life. Blogs aren't about deep thoughts. They're about life...everyday life in it's purest, rawest form. When I visit your (or anyone's blog), I am visiting YOU...just a friendly stop-by-for-coffee chat. I've read blogs devoted to only deep, philosophical renderings, and, while I might occasionally glean something thought-provoking from them, they don't have a real life in them. They're just words that I can't connect to a person.