Monday, August 06, 2007

Happy Valley

Well, we are back from the Happy Valley otherwise known as University Park/State College home of Penn State University. The campus is as beautiful as ever and holds much appeal. Even the massive size (42,000 students) is something M likes. I guess she likes the idea of getting lost in a crowd, so to speak. The meteorology tour was an eye opener and not just because it's an older building. Suffice it to say, University of Oklahoma was firmly placed back on the top of the list!! One of the things to weigh, is it worth $11k a year more? From what we saw and what was promoted, not really. Seems the Penn State alumni connection is highly rated. In all fairness, there was some talk of upgrading and remodeling but nothing was really specific. Maybe the name "Penn State" is supposed to be enough..... oh and did I mention, the weather in Penn State? Not very interesting. OU's weather is much more interesting. ;)

We are planning at least one more college visit to St. Cloud, Minnesota (St. Cloud State). It's a bit closer and is about the same size as OU.

Ironically, M doesn't want to attend an Illinois school because she wants a change and not to run into all the same people..... While in Starbucks, two of the baristas were from Illinois and the third was a meteorology major. Small world, eh?

I should have a photo or two later, when I can find my camera.


Shirley said...

Glad to see you guys are back, safe and sound. Karri had pretty much settled on one school before the rounds, so we only had to make one campus visit. We enjoyed it. Of course, it wasn't as enjoyable taking her there and coming back home alone :( I think I cried through half the trip and then came home, sat in a chair and cried some more. :) I survived... obviously.

Elan Photography said...

so that's what you've been doing while i've been living in wedding-land. o, good luck to you all. and if the first choice turns out not to be the first choice after all, it's not fatal. there's this thing called "transferring" - it just may make the journey last a little longer... (spoken as the mother of a 5 - almost 6 year - finally grad.) ;-)