Monday, July 02, 2007

Sunset ala Camera Phone

Last week we ran into a coyote on our nightly walk and that put some fear into us. The coyote freaked us seeing it in our neighborhood. I think it was as scared of us as we were him/her. Lots of noise by all and it turned away. So did we, retracing our steps and avoiding the playground/park area. We altered our pattern for a few nights and this was one of our rewards. Tonight, we let time slip away and walked after dark. No coyote, just clouds and lots of fireworks to hurt Cassie's ears.


Anonymous said...

Spectacular!!! Seeing such wildlife closer to civilization seems to become a more comment happening! Certainly would have startled me.

Elan Photography said...

i love this image!you and your fabulous phone talent. we've had more than our share of coyote sightings (two personally) and fox, etc. around town. they do scare me and i've become more cautious; but i miss the adventure of heading into the woods. it always makes me sad, though, that if the animal is found it's killed. they were here first. :(