Saturday, June 30, 2007

Volo Bog

Every summer, we head to the Volo Bog at least once in search of birds and a natural experience. Normally, for some odd reason we head out on the hottest day of the summer and experience the heat and the bugs in full force. This year, it was a pleasant 68° with a refreshing breeze at times. Still, the bugs were buzzing and biting even with the bug spray we applied. We've decided the best time to visit the bog just might be January if you don't want to find the bugs. The peacefulness of the area is vanishing as more car traffic and housing developments encroach on the area.

On a side note, new signs now welcome dogs on the main trail with pretty blue pooper scooper bags. In the past, it was a no dogs permitted preserve area. Maybe next time, The Wonderdog will join us.... in January when the only thing flying will be the snow.


Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten around to telling you how much I like this pic! Cool capture! We have a natural area called Radnor Lake...probably not as natural as your bog, but it's set aside for that purpose. Lots of quiet hiking trails.

Elan Photography said...

Bog - now there's a word you don't hear every day. i was reminded the other day while hiking near some "still water" how fortunate we are here in the west not to have many bugs; because i was eaten alive by mosquitoes. they certainly can put a damper on an otherwise lovely day. i hear you on winter hikes - i do love them. glad you stayed long enough to capture this lovely image and i know the wonderdog will be happy to join you next time and itch. :)