Monday, July 16, 2007

Staying Power

Sometimes, a structure or piece of artwork becomes such a part of the fabric of our world that we become complacent, overlooking the fact that it may not always be there. The Spindle (Car Kabob, 8 car pile-up) is such an item. It was created in 1989 and has been in the Cermak Shopping Center Plaza since even making a cameo in the movie Wayne's World. This past week it was announced that a new Walgreens was to be located in that spot and the Spindle would have to come down. Many are happy to see it dismantled. They view it as a rusty, bird poop encrusted eyesore. I see it as art and a part of America that seems to be vanishing. Roadside oddities that bring tourists from near and far. Always do they bring a smile to those who make the trip.

Speaking of which, Maya happily made the trip to Berwyn to take one last look at the Spindle before it's dismantling. I documented her adventure with Polaroid. While there, we met many interesting people, including a gentleman who said he prepped the cars for the artist (Dustin Shuler for those inclined to know).

Make it a point to notice those old attractions and oddities. They just may vanish to make way for a new, super shiny store.

*The estimate to move and renovate the Spindle is somewhere around $350,000.

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Anonymous said...

Too often, I ignored these and then they fell to 'progress'. Years later, I wish they were around so that our family could see them.