Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wrong Way

Or the story of my life. We did the trail around the lake at Moraine Hills SP in reverse or the Wrong Way and of course managed to miss a connection making our walk a bit longer and more stressful as we were short on time.

The wrong way did yield a surprise or two in this pair of Cedar Waxwings. My first sighting . The photo is more of a record image as the lighting was low and I was unprepared but still, I am pleased.

The Queen Anne's Lace was blooming along the way and looking so pretty against the backdrop of the park.

As we continued our walk, I used the camera less and less as the lighting was awful and eventually we came to the realization it was turn around and go back or walk in the dark as we missed that all important connection. Actually, it was more that we weren't paying attention and should have gone right when we went left. Go figure. The Wonderdog did see her first deer. She just stood there until it moved and then she wanted to chase it.

Is there a better sight than this.... Back to Maya!!

This morning has yielded an unpleasant surprise in the form of ants, little flying ants all over my back door. I've been swatting them all morning and stepped outside to really give them a dose of medicine. I hate using chemicals but this was war. I hope I won this war with one battle as today was the first and only day I'd seen them.

And on the weather front, it's going to be another hot and humid one. Stay cool.

*btw, the Wrong Way is more for those on bikes (cross country skies in winter). Foot traffic can walk in either direction and I feel is normally best to walk "The Wrong Way" to actually see the bikers before they come up behind you.

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