Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Nothing says summer like fresh garden lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Fresh leaf lettuce and I mean freshly picked not purchased from the grocery store, always takes me back to those hot summer days and lunchtime. When my bologna had two names and always tasted heavenly, just ask Sparky, my poodle who always received a taste. Those simple, freshly made (by me) sandwiches, always tasted like a gourmet dinner. Even today, a bologna sandwich with fresh from my garden tomatoes and cucumbers will take me back to those summer days and tastes almost as delicious.

It's summertime. Make yourself a sandwich, spread a blanket in your backyard and have a picnic.

The lettuce pictured above was probably the last image taken with my now lost close-up filters and lensbaby. Just the filters are lost.

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fotoshirl said...

Mom used to take fresh-from-the-garden lettuce and make a salad with hot bacon grease and onion. Oh my! It was so good!