Thursday, June 14, 2007


While I was away, I used both my camera phone and regular camera. With the camera phone, I could upload straight to my Flickr photostream with the only adjustment being one for size (once I learned how to do that). I read a forum post where the people were putting down camera phones as useless and better to not have any photo than that of a camera phone.

Here is a comparison for you to peruse.

Camera Phone. Indiana Dunes State Park.

Canon 10D with wide angle lens, Indiana Dunes State Park.

For me, a camera phone picture will always be better than no picture at all. Not perfect but what really is? Many of the comments reminded me of the early days of digital and film debate. I'm sure many of those same people never thought they would be using digital. A phone is still a phone but why not have more functions built in?


Shirley said...

I thought much the same thing about phone cameras until I started seeing your and DarkWing's phone camera shots. I like having one (that I can use) because I don't always have my camera with me, but I usually always have my phone.

Photobonnie said...

The phone cam works in a pinch. I could have edited the photo with levels/curves/dodging type actions, same as I do with any other photo but left it as is this time. The phone is foremost a phone but nice to remember that I have a camera built in that works, too. Heck, I even pull out the calculator function once in awhile. :)