Monday, June 11, 2007


I know I've a year of high school left but I also know that year will fly by and be filled with moments such as this, with M heading off into the great big world of college life. We'll be visiting a few more colleges before her decision is made but I do believe that a distant, out of state college, will be the choice. If my brain were functioning, I'd have more to say on this topic but as it is, you'll be spared those ramblings.

The above photo shows some of the dorm rooms and on-campus apartments at Penn State. What a view they have!! I will say this, the campus is not flat and I'm sure you'd work off that delicious ice cream on a daily basis!


Shirley said...

This year will pass before you know it! It will be a wonderful year that you will treasure in your heart forever!

I see you've changed your blog name. I like it.

Photobonnie said...

That's what I'm afraid of, Shirley, the year flying by too dang quickly.

Yep, playing around with names and think maybe I need that life.