Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Camera Phones

How many out there have a camera phone? How many out there actually use their camera phone? That's what I thought. There are times I only have my camera phone with me. I have the phone known as the Sync (Samsung). It's a 2mp camera. Remember when 2mp was considered high quality? I found a book that has inspired me to make better use of my camera phone. No longer will it be just a quicky photo with the thought that it's only a camera phone. With a little planning and proper attention, camera phone photos can and do make acceptable prints as well as memory keepers.

The book..... The Camera Phone Book: How to Shoot Like A Pro.... by Aimee Baldridge and Robert Clark. The above photo was taken with my camera phone and a Close-Up Filter (+10).


Shirl said...

Interesting looking book, Bonnie. You're always on the cutting edge. We'll be changing phones next spring, and I'm already starting to research phones, trying to determine the one with the best reception AND a decent camera. I have all the other bells & whistles I'm seeing in phones in other devices, so I'm not concerned about that.

Elan Photography said...

i love what you teach us. you've got me curious about the capabilities of my own camera phone - which i often forget that i even have! thanks for keeping me up to date! :)