Thursday, March 29, 2007


This past weekend, we flew to Oklahoma City (Norman), Oklahoma for a campus visit that included a tour of the National Weather Center and Meteorology Dept. The campus is beautiful and felt right except for this nagging image. This image greeted us as we were heading toward the campus and my first thought "No Way No How are you going to this school with the GGWild bus in plain sight". We walk around the campus on a gray Sunday afternoon, enjoying a taste of spring and I put the bus out of my mind until we check into our hotel and find that they are spending the night with us!! The Mister just laughs whenever he sees the bus and the daughter says, mom.... in that tone that you don't have to worry about me.

This became a nice diversion and joke as we begin the process of finding the right college for our junior in high school. A few more visits over the summer but the University of Oklahoma was first choice before the visit and even more so now. It was just about the right size and a place that felt comfortable. Will I ever be ready to send my child so far away, too far to come home on a weekend? No, but a campus that feels right helps. She was really excited and pumped about the meteorology department and new facility which houses the National Weather Center. The only thing that would have made her trip perfect, a nice little storm to watch/chase. Weather nerds are a unique breed. I have only myself to blame, always pointing out interesting clouds, calling her attention to storms and giving her that keen interest in the weather.

Maybe she'll change her mind before summer's end but that is when we'll fill out an application and housing form for OU, the first choice school.

PS. I will have other photos and comments about Oklahoma City/Norman. The experience was wonderful all the way around.

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pearl said...

oh, i know all of these thoughts and emotions, Bonnie.
i'm so happy that M loves the place and from your photos of it here and at your flickr, it's gorgeous!
you know, you raised her well, you can trust her, breath easily, Mom. I know it's not easy but she's awesome and she'll be just fine and safe!
big, big hugs, cause I know what you're going through.