Monday, March 08, 2010


Home from a whirlwind trip to Ohio. We took my parents (mainly it was for my dad) to the Cleveland International Auto Show. It was much easier show to navigate than the Chicago one, that's for sure. Edward came along.

He, okay I, really love the Mustang. I just don't get Ford's reasons for clinging to that solid rear axle, rear-wheel drive platform. They claim it's to be true to the original and car enthusiasts. Okay, if that's the case, get rid of power windows, power-steering, power clutches, FM/Satellite radio and probably even A/C as those items weren't original and aren't mandated by government safety standards. It's a car I would dearly love to own if they would get rid of the solid wheel axle and make an all-wheel drive version. They could make it rear-wheel drive unless needed. As it is, if it even rains, it becomes a dangerous car to drive.

We wandered around and came upon the Kia display and Edward just had to have his photo taken with the Sock Monkey.

Mostly, I wandered around snapping a photo here and there.

Before leaving for home, I read the local paper and this obituary caught my eye. Somebody has a sense of humor.

Came home to a wonderful book, Shelter Me by Shirley (Sketches of a Common Life). It chronicles their decision to adopt not one but two shelter kittens and the first few months of their time together in both photos and a cute story.

And now I have much to do but the I'm feeling very much the desire to nap.


Islamist writer, Mohammad Yousuf mlaifi said...

thank you very much

Shirl said...

I especially love that top photo. Cool!!!