Monday, March 15, 2010


After much thought, I decided on a new cell phone. I have really loved my last two Samsung phones. They could really take a beating, dropping in puddles and even being stepped on and only suffer cosmetic damages. I looked at the iPhone and the new Motorola BackFlip Droid with Motoblur. I went back and forth many times and really love the feature set of the iPhone but that touch screen for typing drove me crazy. I settled on the 'Droid with its keyboard and option to use a touchscreen. The phone has a 5mp (yes 5) camera with even a built-in flash. So far, I've found plenty of apps for it, too. I know iPhone has more camera apps and it is far easier to browse using the iTunes store but mostly, I wanted a phone that I could use and felt more durable in my hand.

The above photos were taken with FxCamera. The only real complaint I have with this app is the low resolution but it
is free.

Photo taken with Camera Illusion and again, low resolution but free.

As with most phones in this category, battery life is not great if you make use of all those apps. When the newness wears off and it becomes primarily a phone, I'm sure the battery will hold up better.

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh! I like the effects on these pics!