Friday, February 05, 2010

More on Bread

This bread is from my second take on the dough and I learned a few things. While the first certainly looked pretty and tasted okay, in my haste I made a few mistakes and the crumb (interior) was off. This time, it's as I would expect.

Things I learned:

1. If you keep your house cool, you will need to let the dough rise for a lot longer than two hours. Closer to four.

2. It is important to totally incorporate the flour and water and light helps you to see that you've accomplished this task. Don't be afraid to use your hands (unless you are lucky enough to have a heavy duty stand mixer).

3. When you shape your bread, be prepared to let it rest longer than 40 minutes. Closer to 90 minutes.

4. It is incredibly difficult to wait for bread to cool before eating.

5. Bread is a serious weakness.

6. For the foreseeable future, I will be mixing up a batch of dough for the week and baking fresh bread as needed.

7. So happy that I still had my old pampered chef stoneware pizza pan. Being a pack rat can be a good thing.

8. I like to take pictures of bread.

In case you are brave enough to try this method, here is a link to a video which helped me. I tend to be very visual sometimes.

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Shirl said...

It's beautiful!