Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Embrace the Imperfect

Embrace the imperfect might just become my mantra for 2010 for who among us is perfect?

I have often thought of calling it quits, this world we call blogging. I've not blogged anything of substance in too long to remember. But still, I keep it open and post an occasional photo remembering that I originally started this venture as a photo blog. My photos often speak for me but just as the spoken/written word can carry different meanings, my photos do the same. For me, photography has often been my way of coping with the turmoil in my life. The images I share tend to hold a moment of my life within their pixels. You just have to look with your heart to see what I'm seeing. Don't worry if you don't, though. But I do encourage you to view my photos with your heart and not your brain.


Cheryl said...

Your photos often speak to my heart, in ways I can't explain. I hope you keep blogging, your photos speak and Embracing the Imperfect is a fitting title. Love the snow, weighing the branches down. You capture so much feeling into so many of your shots. It often leaves me pondering, long afterwards.

Shirl said...

I've always viewed them with my heart. They've spoken to it for years now. I would miss them...and you!!! I do understand the thought of dropping out from the blogging world from time-to-time, but I always miss those who do visit. I have developed long-standing friendships with many through my blog. I may never meet any of them in my life, but I would miss them if they weren't around.