Monday, January 25, 2010

Pure Luck

After taking many, many photos of the lighthouse in the hopes of capturing a wave, finally the cold won. We were walking back to the car and I happened to turn my back into the wind and what do we see but not just one wave crashing ashore but many. I swung my camera and just fired off many shots hoping that I caught at least one wave. You see, when standing on an icy beach, you are above the water line and cannot follow the line of waves as you would in the summer. You are working totally blind. To walk too near the edge could result in getting wet. I never venture too near the edge knowing that I'm standing on ice and sand that has been built upon by those icy waves. It was pure luck that I turned my back into the cold wind just as this line of waves came ashore and luck that I had yet to turn my camera off.

Kenosha, Wisconsin


fletch said...

very nice.

Ron said...

They look almost surreal. Great shots!