Monday, November 23, 2009


The other day, I was walking into the grocery store when I saw a woman bend to pick up a quarter, stopping some traffic along the way. No big deal, right? I've done it many times. But what struck me as odd and selfish, there was a Salvation Army bell ringer standing at the door. She walked right by him, giving the quarter to her husband instead. Can you say Karma? Now that I have seen the bell ringers out and about, I will be sure to carry change and smallish bills to donate. It's the right thing to do, in my heart.

Are your plans to tip more this year or less? Will you give more to charities? I know times are tight everywhere but I also know there are many less fortunate than I. Having said that,* I will continue to give us much as I can afford and quite often, too.

*Reference to last night's Curb Your Enthusiasm and the Seinfeld Reunion episode.


cindi said...

i will always give to animal charities. and my mom's retirement organization. and kat's TNT. and susan g komen. so i guess, yeah, i give thruout the year. hopefully santa notices that.
and i'm so jealous you have hbo - we cancelled our when we got the roku (netflix) box. so now i have to wait for curb to come on netflix. :(

Bonnie said...

I think that counts. I give to animal charities whenever I can, too.

That said, Mike says no animal charities for his Christmas gift donation. Bah humbug. Helping animals helps people, too.