Thursday, September 17, 2009


When I go someplace on vacation, I typically bring back a special rock found along a shore or a shell. I have even been known to buy a necklace made with a local stone. While visiting the Outer Banks, I looked in several shops for a necklace made locally of shell and couldn't find anything. Google to the rescue and I decided to attempt to make my own. Several false starts and I finally had the proper tools, a dremel with a diamond coated, cone bit and water to keep the shell from overheating and breaking.

This first one was on a practice shell. The following have become necklaces with many more awaiting my inspiration.

With a little ingenuity, I have my own special memento from the Outer Banks made even more special as I collected the shells and made the necklace myself.


cindi said...

this just made me smile. you've done such a beautiful job. and isn't it much sweeter to know you created your own sovenir? i love that you did this! you are an inspiration!!

Lee Whitley said...

I found found your blog because of google alerts for Outer Banks, where I live and am always interested in what people have to say about my home town. Good job with the necklace - I like to walk the beach and look for beach glass. I found a cool bracelet set in sterling silver from a shop in Duck.

Bonnie said...

Thanks cindi.

Thank you so much Lee. I really loved the time I spent on the OBX. My only complaint, it wasn't long enough. I chose to take my parents to Ocracoke while the other half our group went toward Duck. If ever I go back, I will definitely explore Duck and Currituck for the lighthouse I missed. I think I'd like to do the off-road tour in Corolla to see the wild horse, too.

Dan said...

Nice job with what you did with the shell. Shoudl you get a chance, definitely climb to the top of teh Currituck Lighthouse. The view is spectacular. Everytime I go to the Outer Banks is never enough time.

-- Dan

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