Saturday, September 12, 2009


Yesterday's morning photo was supposed to be this one, with the little light in the background. Similar but not quite the same just as no two mornings are ever really the same and just as you can't really ever repeat an experience. There can only be one first time. Each moment in each day is unique and should not be taken for granted. Once a moment passes, that's it. Gone. Can't really relive it, unless you live in Hollywood set or have some strange brain injury but even then, the moment isn't really the same as those around you can attest.

Where am I going with this? Perhaps a return to a more meaningful blog. But as I've just written, one can't go back.....

And now I'm distracted as the Mister walked into the room with one of my coffee mugs, one bought with a gift card given to me by a dear friend and he knows not to use my mugs. You see, he leaves his coffee sit in the bottom and ruins them all. Every single mug that he uses is gross on the bottom. How many times do I have to ask him not to do something before he'll listen? And why, when I get angry or mention it is it always me being an unreasonable nag? Am I supposed to thank you for doing something I have asked you not to do for oh about 23 years now? Am I supposed to always be the one to let it go? Now, the mug sits, with his coffee in it as he says he won't drink it and off he goes... to do his own thing. And I'm sure I'll go through the cupboard and make sure all my mugs are put away in my own little stand.

Back on track... the words spoken can't be taken back. The feeling can't be ignored. They happened and that's that. On to the next moment with those memories lingering. When will I learn to let go the past and live totally in the now?


Shirl said...

I am drawn to and fascinated by that tiny little light in the distance. It evokes so many thoughts, questions, and the release of creative wonder. Beautifully moody shot, my friend!

As for living in the present, it is a difficult path for each of us, as our roots are in the past and the mystery of the future draws us! Sometimes the past and the future are far more romantic than they have been or will be...and usually more romantic than the present since our selective memory and our creative imagination seem to rule in those areas.

cindi said...

when you figure it out, will you tell me?
and i really love that beach scene... it's peaceful and stormy all at the same time. kind of like life

Bonnie said...

It seems I've been struggling with this for most of my adult life. I hope one day to live the life I'm meant to live.

thanks for commenting Shirl and cindi.