Friday, August 21, 2009


Last year, after purging my house of many plastic bottles, I read about SIGG bottles and their claims of being BPA free. Now I find out that SIGG was misleading. Read the letter from the CEO of SIGG USA. Read more about it here at Z Recommends. I find a company that misleads through omission and claims of propriety to be distasteful as the water the liner was protecting. I don't have a problem with the liner, per se, but the deception.

I am unsure whether I will contact SIGG to inquire about replacement as do I really want another bottle from a company that was/is so willing to deceive the consumer to make a buck? Make no mistake, this admission and changing of the liner is a political move as moves are made to ban all use of BPA. An informed decision is all that I require and SIGG took that away from me through deceitful practices. For me, that's a deal closer. As I mainly purchased the bottle for environmental reasons, I will go back to recycling the disposable bottles.


Irwin said...

the one I bought says "Rise above Plastic" . . . oh the irony.

Morgan said...

amazing that companies that think 'omitting' some of the truth means they are not lying to or misleading the public. blech.