Monday, August 10, 2009

Munising Rear Range Light

Munising Rear Range Lighthouse located in Munising, Michigan (UP). I do have a photo of the front range but it's kind of cluttered. I'll work it up later.

Next week at this time, we will have moved M into her campus apartment, which was supposed to be a two bedroom but became a four bedroom. Not looking forward to the other two roommates as one is a party-girl with a boyfriend and the other, a senior. It's not like we get a break on the rate, either. It's the same for either format.

Not looking forward to dropping her off. Summer has become just way too short for my liking. We've had fun just hanging but this week, she's busy with saying good-bye to a few friends and packing. When I get back, I'll be getting ready to play chauffeur taking my parents to my sister's and on to the Outer Banks. That will be a strange few days without M as my driving buddy. And can I say I'm not looking forward to it? As much as I want to see the OBX, going on Labor Day weekend and dealing with the throngs of people in two cars fills me with dread. I can see it now, after waiting the 2 or so hours to catch a ferry, watching my parents, in my sister's car, leaving on the ferry while I get stuck waiting for the next. Gads, and Kitty Hawk sounds like Pigeon Forge. I think the vision I have of the OBX is from the 1970s or at least the two ends that are still wilderness and require a Jeep Wrangler or similar vehicle.

I'm sure I'll have moments where I enjoy myself and maybe even be able to snap a photo of a lighthouse that I like but thinking, people will be in the way. Can you tell, I don't really like people. I don't like crowds, especially.

And I won't hold my breath that the mister will follow through on a rental car for me. In case you wonder why I don't make it myself, he as a frequent card that earns discounts and such. And in case you wonder, I did ask if he wanted to come with us but was told no, can't take the time off work.

With that, think I'll make a coffee and clean up my kitchen.

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