Tuesday, August 04, 2009

BridalVeil Falls

Pictured Rocks Boat Tour, UP. This waterfall is more impressive in early spring with the thaw and rains. Oh, and a beaver has built a dam at the top. I'm thinking the beaver needs to be relocated!

I wish life wasn't so full of uncertainties. I would like to buy a new lens or three and rent a car for the Outer Banks trip but with the Mister's job in flux as the company decides what to do, I just don't see that happening. At times, it feels like the economy is picking up but is it really? Or are we just adapting to the new reality? When will our taxes increase as the government tries to pay for all the stimulus it's providing? Folks, one thing you have to remember, government does not make money. It gets money by taxing you. Eventually, the government collects more in taxes, runs a deficit or cuts spending to below the amount collected in taxes.

Off my soap box and into the shower I go. It's Tuesday and there is a new CD I want. I'm helping the economy one CD at a time. ;-) The CD is Gloriana.

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