Monday, July 06, 2009

Tawas Point Lighthouse

My ideal vacation would be to travel from lighthouse to lighthouse. I find such a connection to the past in these outdated structures. While many are still active, with modern day GPS units, they are pretty much obsolete as aids to navigation. Sometimes, I look at the home attached to the tower and wonder about the keepers. Did they have a family? Did they enjoy the solitude? The stories these old lights could tell of storms past.

This lighthouse, Tawas Point, is located in Michigan along the coast of Lake Huron.


Shirl said...

Beautiful, beautiful shot!

We once went to church with a man who grew up in a lighthouse in Michigan, I think it was. I used to want to live in one--would still love it, but the practical side of me took over :)

toshtensen said...

You can still experience your dream. Tawas Point Lighthouse has a Keeper Program. You get to stay in the Lighthouse for a week. In addition to a small fee (less than $300 per person this year) the keeper assists with tours and light chores. Go to for more information