Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Okay, so I am now a Mac owner and looking around for a good "what you see" blogging tool along the lines of Windows Live Writer. I may not be able to find anything as user friendly as Live Writer but we'll see. I'm also working through screen variations and trying to calibrate my monitor but otherwise, loving the Mac. It has phenomenal battery life.

**edit... that didn't work, just inserted the photo through blogger. Might have to explore other options. I want to be able to add images easily.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so addicted to LiveWriter! It makes blogging so easy. I didn't realize they don't make it for Macs. I guess I've taken another step deeper into PCs. I ordered Illustrator yesterday. Waiting for it to arrive today.

Bonnie said...

Ya, I know. I was hoping to find something comparable but so far, nothing works. I tried another that makes use of flickr but I don't like linking to flickr.

And still, struggling with the monitor calibration. I don't like the way solid black looks in many of my images, now. I always felt the HP was a bit dark and now it's the opposite.