Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Java Planet

I might have to switch to the pack film for Maya’s adventures this spring/summer season. Film for the SX-70 is scarce but I do have some stashed away. I’m also thinking about the PoGo. I know, I know, scandalous to even consider replacing Polaroid with this imposter. But I do take a lot car/scenic photos with my cell phone and printing with the Pogo might be fun. When I purchased the car, a few weeks later, a package was mailed which included a journal to track adventures. Drawing the places we visit was not an option so I began tracking them with a Polaroid. Just thinking out loud or in words.

Idol was forgettable for me. I barely remember the portion I did watch except for the heavy critique given a sixteen year old on her clothing choice. Hello… singing competition not Project Runway or America’s Next Top Model. I won’t be watching the results as I will be watching LOST followed by the finale of Life on Mars. Anybody out there know if/when Fringe will be returning? Yes, I watch a lot of TV.

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