Thursday, March 19, 2009

Idol Vortex

I am, once again, being sucked into the vortex that is American Idol. Every year, I swear it will be the last time but it’s like my daily ritual, addicting. Relax people, it's only coffee. I watched parts of this weeks show and am once again flabbergasted at the results. Sometimes, I think America wants Idol to go away… one name proves my point: Adam Lambart. Okay, maybe a second name, Michael Sarver.

So long Alexis. I, for one, liked your rendition of Jolene, flaws and all.  I don’t have a favorite just yet but I do hope that Kris Allen hangs around for awhile. ;-)

*Now playing: Jolene (American Idol Performance) by Alexis Grace - Jolene (American Idol Performance) – Single

*PS. I promise not to rant about American Idol too much. I am just eagerly awaiting the return of Fringe. That, and I grow bored of Idol rather quickly so if I do not venture to my mother’s, I won’t watch too many more episodes.


Shirley said...

:) I don't enjoy the auditions, and I don't really get into it until the final 12. Some years I don't enjoy it so much. This year, I do. I so rarely watch television, and Don and I do enjoy this together and the discussions about the contestants.

Jacki said...

I can't help it either, I watch faithfully while I am pretending not too (i.e. surfing the web or reading a book)