Thursday, March 26, 2009

Idol Chatter

George C Betta

George is adapting to his new home beautifully. I do believe more red is appearing. He really is a gorgeous fish.

Lucky or not, I did not see much of Idol last night. Dinner followed by Lost took the evening. What I did see was quite surprising. Adam and Allison were both quite good. Adam proved why he is a finalist. I was disappointed in Danny’s performance. Perhaps it’s me but I didn’t hear where he took the advice of Smokey Robinson. Just my distracted observation as I was flipping between Idol and Lost.

In trying to decide which book to read in my ever growing stack, I have grown to appreciate a well written opening paragraph. One that not only grabs your attention but has you wanting to know more about the character and the story about to unfold. It makes me rethink much of what I’ve written in the past. Oh, I know a great opening doesn’t necessarily mean a great book but it certainly helps.

I have fallen behind on writing a story a week and taking a photo a day. I don’t see myself catching up with the stories any time soon. And unless the calendar suddenly changes, I won’t have 365 photos for the year 2009 without cheating. That’s my life, though. Not perfect, often behind but still plugging along, trying my best.

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Shirley said...

He didn't do it the way Smokey advised, but I liked it fine the way he did it.

Is this the last season for Lost? I haven't watched it for several seasons now. They kept driving me crazy with all the turns and twists, so I just decided to give it up.

George is looking good!!!

Bonnie said...

Lost final season is next year, May 2010. It's better with an end date to work with.

Thanks, shirley.