Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October Moon


While out walking The Wonderdog, I'm often privileged to witness things I would otherwise miss. I've seen beautiful sunsets, the moon in various stages, a coyote (scared the crap out of me), shooting stars and even the Northern Lights.

The moon this past weekend was particularly beautiful. A gorgeous double halo/corona encircled the nearly full moon. The night was warm, the owls were screeching, the leaves were rustling in the breeze and the moon soon had some wispy clouds swirl around, shrouding it in a cloak of mystery. It must be October as my mind conjured up visions of witches on broomsticks zipping across that mysterious orb, partially hidden by the ghostly clouds.

I hurried home in hopes of capturing the moon with both the halos/coronas but those clouds moved in and this is what I was able to immortalize in pixels. If only that witch had come out from hiding or avoided ramming into that tree. Or at the least, the owl had the courtesy to fly by just for me. Instead, screech..... At least the howls were kept to a minimum (werewolves are particularly fond of spooky moons in October). I snapped a couple of photos and settled in to watch True Blood, this years guilty pleasure. What more fitting way to end a spooky walk--vampires.


Shirley said...

:) Sounds like October to me! Beautiful shot, BTW!!!

Cheryl said...

Perfect Harvest Moon. I've been looking for that moon, every single night. Pure beauty, what a fabulous shot.